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Joseph Brown Vats now specialise in the building, supplying and installing of purpose-built wooden vats and tanks. We have two large workshops in Dufftown where machining takes place, and where we also build smaller vats which are designed to be delivered in one piece to the customer. We also repair and maintain original vessels.

We mostly use douglas fir sourced for us by a US agent in Oregon and Vancouver Island. We also use home grown larch (european), siberian larch, engineered larch, keruing, iroko, meranti and oak.

We recycle all our waste using two machines which compact all wood chips and dust into briquettes for wood burners. Larger off-cuts go for firewood and kindling. 

Timbers from the old vats are made into garden furniture, fence panels etc.  






With nearly a hundred years of vat building experience —

from the largest projects to the smallest remedial repairs

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